23/30 r&b singer-songwriter

ana moura – casa guilhermina 

‘Janela Escancarada’ is a gorgeous opener. It captures and bottles the dreamlike state of mind Ana Moura has slipped into. Despite her melancholia, Moura is careful not to detach. Her music anchors itself to the port of tradition while embracing new world musical goods: the vocal “yee-hees” above an accordion on ‘Andorinhas’ are indelible. In the final third, several tracks sound a little preoccupied, suspended in a slow-paced, indulgent air. The effect initially runs parallel to Moura’s emotive performance, but recedes in resonance with each renewed use. Casa Guilhermina imposes itself when sharpening melodrama on rich beats and Moura’s serrated vibrato. It is frequently arresting. 


A favourite: ‘Corridinha’

‘Casa Guilhermina’ is out now via Sony Music. 

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