24/30 folk jazz

the wau wau collectif – mariage

The Wau Wau Colectif found each other when Karl Jonas Winqvist was stranded in Toubab Dialaw, an hour down the coast from Dakar. He encountered local musicians in a spirited artistic community and, when he returned to Sweden, traded Whatsapp notes until a debut was born. Mariage is their second record, pieced together without hiding any production cracks. In fact, the very lack of structure is alibied and empowered by the unfastened communal creativity with which the record was made. Precisely none of the mesmerising ruminations fade in transit. The Colectif are appropriately undefined: the music plinks, burns, and delights in trance-inducing weaves. 


A favourite: ‘Jarabi’

‘Mariage’ is out now via Sahel Sounds and Sing a Song Fighter.

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