25/30 album of the week experimental punk rock

the cool greenhouse – sod’s toastie

Tom Greenhouse sounds like the coworker you never know beyond the timesheet; or the man who takes your details while setting up a council tax account; or the guy who accidentally drops his satchel on your feet on a crowded bus. This is an account of a soul-sucked eyeline and it’s hope for spiritual revival. Besides the slightly predictable ‘I Lost My Head,’ it’s written magnificently. Supported by eccentric guitar lines, the band juggle hyperreal and surreal imagery to enchant and then disenchant the world. Sod’s Toastie will face accusations of pretence, but the references are sadly unavoidable: how can you not write about that fucking Jordan Peterson book? 


A favourite: ‘Get Unjaded’ 

‘Sod’s Toastie’ is out now via Melodic.

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