25/30 album of the week ambient idm techno

daniel avery – ultra truth

I wondered when I saw this title if Daniel Avery might attempt to transmit something superhuman, insinuating that he knows something unknowable. Ultra Truth is nothing like that. It’s a swirling, pounding album of immense proportions, but Avery holds a deep cordiality with the listener. The structure is neither forced nor feigned, developing lightly with […]

23/30 album of the week techno

dj bone – black market (EP)

DJ Bone holds that unusual position of an underground legend—the deep love for his work is concentrated, but confined to a very lucky scene. Having been present at and involved in the inception of Detroit techno, the DJ, producer, and record label owner remains 100% independent. It works in favour of his innovative club architecture, […]

21/30 electronic experimental techno

hagop tchaparian – bolts

“Landing bolts” is a skating term that means executing a trick perfectly with both feet on the bolts of the board. Hagop Tchaparian uses the skate aesthetic, but his debut album is frayed, not clean. He is concerned with the gravity of thought before pumping blood; Bolts sets up its bold techno ambushes with considerable […]

25/30 classic review electronic techno

kraftwerk – tour de france soundtracks (2003)

We like to think that elite sport is about glorious moments; goals that are illogically impressive; sprints that extend our apprehension of the body; stamina so efficient it could power a small town. In reality, sport at the highest level is a kaleidoscope of rigorous technological analysis, inhuman scheduling, and muddied social lives (to say […]

15/30 ambient electronic synth techno

benoit b – kismet

‘Kismet’ is the follow-up to 2020’s glossy Notes of Love EP. It renews the project’s supernatural cult TV show impression, but operates at a lighter tempo. Benoit B is capable of producing tremendously lush sounds—much less capable, it seems, at herding them in gratifying ways across an LP. Much of ‘Kismet’ could be a soundtrack, […]