folk 24/30 synth reissue psychedelic

afrosound – carruseles (1973 – reissue)

Afrosound’s third full-length LP forged a home for every sonic pulse. 

26/30 garage rock psychedelic rock

the human expression – love at psychedelic velocity (recorded 1966-67/released in 1994)

LA has its own unique psychedelic environment which can be seen today through the surreal lives of influencers and those scratching at the door of hot, empty fame. But in the mid-1960s, there was a genuine fascination for where the mental boundary was and how it could be snapped in two. The Human Expression never […]

27/30 garage rock psychedelic revisited review rock

various artists – the best of pebbles vol. 3, caveman stomp! (1992)

This is a best-of compilation of a compilation series—the third in its own series. Why am I choosing it to mention? Well, a neighbour gave it to me and it’s been on repeat for three days. The masterful Pebbles series collated the most transgressive, acid-soaked trips in psychedelic rock. Caveman Stomp! zooms in on their […]

26/30 psychedelic rock

ylayali – separation 

If you think about the texture of a dream, it’s really quite radical. Chopping up and recontextualising warmth, threatening order and expectancy. We are punks when we dream. Philadelphia’s Ylayali nosedives into his subconscious and, rather than meeting a surface, discovers that he can float. The sonic repetition only emphasises this bizarre mode of travelling […]

26/30 psychedelic revisited review rock

the doors – morrison hotel (1970)

The Morrison Hotel was a real spot that organist Ray Manzarek discovered in downtown LA. He said it was the kind of place where you could “start a religion or plan a murder”. The Doors glowed with unnerving mystique. Whether it was Jim Morrison’s consecrated looks, his brutal behaviour, or the psychedelic rhythms, the band […]

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material girl – i85mixx21-22

‘i85mixx21-22’ sounds like a crowded town meeting in which everyone is speaking in time. Material Girl secures stirring jazz, electronic, and hip-hop, cooking them together until they’re soft to touch. In the boundless chasm of sound, this sublime artist embodies a frenzied character whose underlying depth is relayed through candid lyrics and breathseizingly touching tones. […]

24/30 electronic experimental indie/alternative pop psychedelic rock

guerilla toss – famously alive

Within the first two songs of their fifth album, Guerilla Toss fulfil the carbonated joy promised by the record sleeve and the dazed excitement of the title. This a record of sweetness that first seems sickly and impossible, but quickly becomes blissfully cleansing. The guitars swill with an inhuman cadence that further drives the psychedelic […]

29/30 pop psychedelic revisited review rock

the zombies – odessey and oracle (1968)

‘Odessey and Oracle’ is as wide-eyed and innocent as The Kinks’ most delicate cuts, delivered pointedly with that same British wryness. The writing is frighteningly intelligent in the way that a hymn might be: it does not pamper its musical sentiments, but nevertheless maintains a brimming romanticism that could easily become cloying were it not […]

24/30 folk psychedelic reissue

mashabe band – mandela

Mashabe Band made a habit of paying tribute to the inspiring figures who surrounded them. ‘Mandela’, named after the then-imprisoned Nelson, is a mesmeric trip through psychedelic strings and bellowed vocals typical of the kalindula music style. The genre itself was a groovy evolution of the Zamrock era which had given groups like WITCH such […]