9/30 ambient

fred again.. & brian eno – secret life

This is one of the emptiest statements either Fred again.. or Brian Eno will ever make. 

Some of Secret Life’s plainer stretches are at least clear and effortless. ‘Chest’ could go on forever, as the most evocative ambient music tends to. It’s one of the 1/12 of a dozen moments of real charisma here. Much of the album is demarcated by Fred again..’s jaded vocal presence and Eno’s risk allergy. Any spirit conjured by the fleeting moments of tenderness rather swiftly evaporates. This artistic bromance is sincere – it is unfortunate that the product sounds completely disinterested by itself. It’s an atmospheric tease, promising a world beyond, then glitching to reveal defunct ideas. This is one of the emptiest statements either will ever make. 


A favourite: ‘Chest’

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