9/30 ambient

fred again.. & brian eno – secret life

This is one of the emptiest statements either Fred again.. or Brian Eno will ever make. 

9/30 funk r&b

stimulator jones – round spiritual ring

Here’s the thing. ‘Vibe music’ without enough personality is a drag: like a sunny day when you’re stuck inside. ‘Round Spiritual Ring’ has sufficient optimism to appear pleasant, but it offers nothing tangible to latch on to. It’s actually more like an Easter egg hunt where the organiser, albeit in earnest, forgot to put out […]

9/30 folk r&b rock

van morrison – what’s it gonna take?

This latest Van Morrison record sounds superficially like inoffensive fairground music, written with the wisdom of a fuzzy, stuffed bear and with only marginally less smugness. Since 2020, The Belfast Cowboy has become a musical figurehead in anti-lockdown sentiment. Much of this LP is philosophically scant because Van’s suspicions tend to draw on misguided superiority […]

9/30 soul trip-hop

poppy ajudha – THE POWER IN US

Ajudha’s first single for her debut LP, ‘LONDON’S BURNING’, addressed England’s conceited patriotism within immigration policy. It is the penultimate track on the record and by a considerable distance its best. At no other point is ‘TPIU’ remotely as impactful. Though the sentiments throughout are bona fide, the surrounding packaging is either intolerably loaded or […]