26/30 classical drone experimental revisited review

alio die – aura seminalis (2008)

I’m able to remember back to simpler, more innocent times, when the tithing was strong, the jerkins were well-fitted, and an Ox only cost a small drawstring bag of silver coins. Alio Die remembers this bygone era well, and he made a beautiful album about it. Aura Seminalis is a compositional translation of Renaissance life—dramatic, spiritual, and creatively nonconformist. It moves deceptively quickly through meditative states that are both personal and holy. The Gregorian chants and stunning drones feel completely organic, despite the fact that the combination would crack the mind of a 16th century merchant. This record bridges two momentous periods for art and technology with appropriate theatre. 


A favourite: ‘Sine Tempore – Pt.1’

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