26/30 folk hip-hop

quadeca – i didn’t mean to haunt you

Quadeca is a YouTube rapper who made his name through clickbaity disstracks at fellow streamers. That should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of this record, but “I Didn’t Mean to Haunt You” defies all expectations. The grandiose, genre-spanning concept-album is written from Quadeca’s own purgatory, where a lifetime’s worth of rumination is hushed by death’s dulling clarity. These battling themes are showcased through brash experimental hip-hop and delicate folktronica; songs that slowly swell to gospel euphoria next to tracks that abruptly crash into glitchy chaos. The lofty ambitions of Quadeca’s “posthumous” epic are matched only by his masterful execution.


A favourite: ‘Born Yesterday’ 

‘I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You’ is out now via deadAir/AWAL Recordings.

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