24/30 dream pop indie/alternative shoegaze

winter – what kind of blue are you?

An under-discussed aspect of slacker rock is its deep-rooted desire for spirituality. The genre is normally associated with passive, couch-dwelling underachievers, but these are people for whom meaning is a misplaced receipt waiting to be found. It is unsurprising therefore that dreams become an antidote to material dissatisfaction. Samira Winter’s own aesthetic is slow, studied, and ruminative. On WKOBAY, the Brazilian singer sails vertically between the meditative and the corporeal as caring waves rise and fall around her. The band supports her reverie with exquisite chord sequences and static riffs, stirring the shoegazey atmosphere into a lovely whirlwind. This is a gorgeous record that escapes dissonance with unfeigned tenderness. 


A favourite: ‘mr. on-my-mind’

‘What Kind of Blue Are You?’ is out now via Bar None Records. 

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