24/30 dream pop indie/alternative shoegaze

winter – what kind of blue are you?

An under-discussed aspect of slacker rock is its deep-rooted desire for spirituality. The genre is normally associated with passive, couch-dwelling underachievers, but these are people for whom meaning is a misplaced receipt waiting to be found. It is unsurprising therefore that dreams become an antidote to material dissatisfaction. Samira Winter’s own aesthetic is slow, studied, […]

23/30 indie/alternative industrial rock shoegaze

just mustard – heart under

The attraction of this record is obvious within its first few notes. Just Mustard’s sophomore record is an industrial, wailing statement—one that, despite occasionally losing its bite, offers testing, visceral material. There’s a depth to ‘Heart Under,’ as it purposefully traverses raw sensations with fierce musical intent. It’s a record to dive into, without knowing […]