26/30 album of the week folk singer-songwriter

natalia lafourcade – de todas las flores

It will surprise no one that Natalia Lafourcade has made a beautiful album. It might surprise some that she has made this beautiful album. De Todas Las Flores is more muffled in essence than her previous records. It has a quiet, life-affirming warmth that cuddles the narrative maturation through love and love lost, taking into account that all experience is rich. In a single life, that message recedes in the plodding passing of the days or the weight of competing to survive. Lafourcade simply says to be present and regard the past with fidelity. The instrumentation is profoundly subtle in its support for the singer through heartbreak—they are wonderful friends. 


A favourite: ‘El Lugar Correcto’ 

‘De Todas Las Flores’ is out now via Sony.

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