24/30 album of the week indie/alternative pop

alvvays – blue rev

Yes, I’m aware it’s obvious, but the change we have collectively experienced post-1999 really is extraordinary. That said, since The Strokes released Is This It? and published a timeless recipe for guitar-heavy goodness, quality indie-pop has remained on its path like an arrow in a sandstorm. Alvvays know the formula so intimately that the colourful flourishes and expressions on Blue Rev are made without fear of fatal error. The sonic backbone of this record is like a pillar—contained, but not unchallenging. This is a kind listen that offers a diverse package owing to pure, uncomplicated cohesion in the band and deft songwriting curiosity. 


A favourite: ‘Pomeranian Spinster’ 

‘Blue Rev’ is out now via Transgressive Records. 

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