20/30 hip-hop

t-rock – i grind i hustle 2

T-Rock began deep within the ostentation of the bling era, with album covers like magical sweet wrappers and bars so explicit that Theresa May would have barred his entire family from entering the UK. Having spent a not inconsiderable time on Skate 3 blaring hip-hop in the years 2010-2014, as well as having a brother who farmed underground sites like Datpiff for new rap music, there’s a friendliness with which T-Rock’s distinctly ‘early-Tens’ package arrives. The rhymes return to brawn and bravado with full-bodied execution. I Grind I Hustle 2 makes it points without hesitation, but it is likely to ricochet past those without a personal fondness. That’s probably fair.


A favourite: ‘Burn Bread’

‘I Grind I Hustle 2’ is out now via Rock Solid.

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