23/30 experimental hip-hop jazz

moor mother – jazz codes

Camae Ayewa’s prolific album streak has not eroded her creative, chaotic, verve. The east-coast artist has always moved without a compass—on ‘Jazz Codes,’ she becomes a sailor of the mind. The unusually soothing jazz textures are nicely contrasted by her previous, more arresting work, seducing our ears before a poetic, political point. The foggy instrumentals amplify Moor Mother’s sharp glow: her ability to upend smooth jazz and choppy beats while communicating effectively is almost nonpareil in the experimental sphere. Because of its demanding palette the album needs to remain cohesive; while periods can elongate and lilt, much of it is worth the patience and close-listen. 


A favourite: ‘ODE TO MARY’

‘Jazz Codes’ is out now via Anti.

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