22/30 electronic experimental idm

wordcolour – the trees were buzzing, and the grass.

Wordcolour holds an uncanny artistic ability to suspend order and blur familiar sounds. 2020’s ‘Juno Way’ EP was a carefully produced record about people in structural liminality, uncertain of relationships or situations. ‘TTWBATG’ transfers this superficial tumult onto a more natural canvas, where both human nature and non-human life forms are heard as fundamentally wandering, confused, and passive. It is especially satisfying to hear this plunge in real time, though the deeper sonic narratives do nudge the tracks into a somewhat less hook-y direction. It’s not a shortcoming per say—the album just asks a little more. But that’s fine: Wordcolour delivers on a promise of exploration and questioning. 


A favourite: ‘Blossom’ 

‘the trees were buzzing, and the grass.’ is out now via Houndstooth.

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