porridge radio – waterslide, diving board, ladder to the sky

Porridge Radio’s breakout record enjoyed the warm, thrumming glow of critical acclaim. This gorgeous follow-up departs in sensible areas, opening the band up to Nick Cave-inspired piano/organ backing and startling lovely guitar thrashes. Dana Margolin’s vocals have assumed an update: distressed and bereft, the voice is not so much strained affectation, as it is quivering, heart-numbing reality. It’s a more patient, thorough album than its predecessor. This is a hard-fought composure and Margolin transposes it like the sharp, trusty swing of a sledgehammer. With shreds of wonder and impressive consistency, the Brighton band delve with the freedom of a four-piece seeking to tinker and improve. 


A favourite: ‘Back to the Radio’ 

‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky’ is out now via Secretly Canadian.

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