25/30 album of the week ambient idm techno

daniel avery – ultra truth

I wondered when I saw this title if Daniel Avery might attempt to transmit something superhuman, insinuating that he knows something unknowable. Ultra Truth is nothing like that. It’s a swirling, pounding album of immense proportions, but Avery holds a deep cordiality with the listener. The structure is neither forced nor feigned, developing lightly with […]

23/30 album of the week techno

dj bone – black market (EP)

DJ Bone holds that unusual position of an underground legend—the deep love for his work is concentrated, but confined to a very lucky scene. Having been present at and involved in the inception of Detroit techno, the DJ, producer, and record label owner remains 100% independent. It works in favour of his innovative club architecture, […]

25/30 classic review electronic techno

kraftwerk – tour de france soundtracks (2003)

We like to think that elite sport is about glorious moments; goals that are illogically impressive; sprints that extend our apprehension of the body; stamina so efficient it could power a small town. In reality, sport at the highest level is a kaleidoscope of rigorous technological analysis, inhuman scheduling, and muddied social lives (to say […]