26/30 album of the week breakcore electronic experimental hip-hop jazz psychedelic

material girl – i85mixx21-22

‘i85mixx21-22’ sounds like a crowded town meeting in which everyone is speaking in time. Material Girl secures stirring jazz, electronic, and hip-hop, cooking them together until they’re soft to touch. In the boundless chasm of sound, this sublime artist embodies a frenzied character whose underlying depth is relayed through candid lyrics and breathseizingly touching tones. […]

24/30 electronic experimental indie/alternative pop psychedelic rock

guerilla toss – famously alive

Within the first two songs of their fifth album, Guerilla Toss fulfil the carbonated joy promised by the record sleeve and the dazed excitement of the title. This a record of sweetness that first seems sickly and impossible, but quickly becomes blissfully cleansing. The guitars swill with an inhuman cadence that further drives the psychedelic […]

folk 26/30 album of the week blues

son house – forever on my mind

Son House (1902-1988) lived the life of several souls, with the talent of one, the resentment of another, and the misfortune of the next. There was a religious lens to his movements: one which birthed enormous transgressional shame and almost certainly cultivated that inimitable melancholy in 1928. This is House’s never-before-heard 1964 return, recorded shortly […]

24/30 pop r&b reggaeton


There is a lot to love about a bona fide 21st century pop star subverting the facade of glory that soaks fame. This was the story of ‘MOTOMAMI’’s first single, ‘LA FAMA’. The record, ROSALÍA’s third, is imbued with an experimental, jutting personality that ostensibly belies its commercial appeal. But the truth that ‘MOTOMAMI’ conveys […]

23/30 jazz soul

wayne powell octet – plays hallucination

‘Plays Hallucination’ was recorded in 1965, shortly after its chief architect witnessed a vibraphone performance from Lionel Hampton. It features warm, spiritual soul-jazz with a penchant for tight grooves and bustling percussion. The listen as a whole is diffuse, but that shouldn’t reduce the eminent pleasure of the tracks. If there is a problem, it […]

21/30 hip-hop

LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON – here, there & everywhere

The opener to JAH-MONTE’s eighth full-length release is a nostalgic affirmation of hip-hop familiarity. It will be one of the genre’s sweetest indie track #1’s this year. Moving forward, ‘Here, There & Everywhere’ occasionally slackens into soporific beats and more predictable bars, submitting to the formula and filler design that can accompany prolificacy. When on-form, […]