29/30 indie/alternative pop revisited review

the wrens – the meadowlands (2003)

Meadows are liminal spaces that lead to or from destinations – in and of themselves, they are often bare and underdeveloped.

22/30 indie/alternative punk

personal trainer – big love blanket

Despite its loving title, ‘Big Love Blanket’ will be unlikeable to some: it’s a cocky, liberty-taking piece of indie-rock that covers a little too much ground. It’s also very enjoyable for those same reasons. Personal Trainer sail across the busy seas of post-punk and art pop, with Travis Morrison forming part of the cabin crew […]

24/30 album of the week indie/alternative pop

alvvays – blue rev

Yes, I’m aware it’s obvious, but the change we have collectively experienced post-1999 really is extraordinary. That said, since The Strokes released Is This It? and published a timeless recipe for guitar-heavy goodness, quality indie-pop has remained on its path like an arrow in a sandstorm. Alvvays know the formula so intimately that the colourful […]

23/30 indie/alternative rock

built to spill – when the wind forgets your name

Built To Spill have shuffled members, matured, self-immolated, and started anew through various moments since 1992. They have always managed to look like a bunch of dudes showing up to a high school reunion. But anyway, this is their new album and it’s good. In the deck of cards that is their changing lineup, Doug […]

17/30 indie/alternative

art moore – art moore

Art Moore – Art Moore  On their self-titled debut, Art Moore float between dazed instrumentation from Sam Durkes and Trevor Brooks and Taylor Vick’s low-flying, contused vocals. Its ambition is to soar beyond the clouds and kiss the sun. The trouble is that their dreaminess is often truncated by a soporific, tranquilizing tempo. Art Moore […]

27/30 indie/alternative revisited review rock

life without buildings – any other city (2001)

It’s hard to say how a vocalist ought to be. That said, ‘Any Other City’ is narrated by the most infectiously fun British voice of the 2000’s. The record was mainly made by ex-art students who then returned to visual or written forms of expression. For a moment, each of their artistries met to birth […]

19/30 folk indie/alternative

katy j pearson – sound of the morning

The latest offering from Heavenly Recordings features “The South West’s Princess,” Katy J Pearson, navigating that ‘tricky second album’. ‘Sound of the Morning’ is a tapas bar of styles and sounds, with Pearson seated at the center of the table, dishing out bites of folk pop goodness through her signature vocals. The Kate Bush/Aldous Harding/Jessica […]

22/30 indie/alternative

soccer mommy – sometimes, forever

Sophie Allison’s position in indie rock is a neat bedroom on the upper west wing. She is a delightful guest and the indie serving staff get along with her well, despite her reclusive inclinations. ‘Sometimes, Forever’ is her first LP since February 2020. There is a complete modernity to the production packaging that flatters the […]

23/30 indie/alternative industrial rock shoegaze

just mustard – heart under

The attraction of this record is obvious within its first few notes. Just Mustard’s sophomore record is an industrial, wailing statement—one that, despite occasionally losing its bite, offers testing, visceral material. There’s a depth to ‘Heart Under,’ as it purposefully traverses raw sensations with fierce musical intent. It’s a record to dive into, without knowing […]