27/30 classic review compilation electronic experimental

5: five years of hyperdub – various artists (2009)

The early years of one of Britain’s most important electronic music labels marked a sonic shift from the tectonic bass of dubstep. Kode9 and his connectors emphasised wiry glitches, massacring samples and testing sounds in a way that upended what electronic music could be. It no longer necessarily orbited around dance or a summit of […]

22/30 electronic experimental

700 bliss – nothing to declare

The first LP from DJ Haram and Moor Mother is a chasm of bass and glitch. ‘Nothing To Declare’’s vision is to disrupt and unsettle; the most impressive aspects are driven energetically through bold sonic inquiry. It’s a trial and error mission which, rather than leading to a definitive conclusion, docks somewhere abstract and vast. […]