30/30 garage grime hip-hop revisited review

dizzee rascal – boy in da corner (2003)

Dizzee was on the estate, unafraid to express ugliness, questioning whether things would ever change.

26/30 hip-hop punk revisited review rock

beastie boys – licensed to ill (1986)

‘Licensed To Ill’ is cringeworthy, abrasive, and grotesquely enjoyable.

26/30 hip-hop revisited review

jungle brothers – straight out the jungle (1988)

Jungle Brothers’ ‘Straight Out The Jungle’ is a benchmark of Afrocentrism that pioneered jazzy self-assurance, a fun embrace of club culture, and spiritually conscious rhymes. 

19/30 hip-hop

lee clarke – genes

I have a system of analysis for beat tapes: imagine playing them over a five second YouTube ad for gym supplements, or a loading screen for a hotel lobby TV. If you can describe the music as ‘appropriately neutral, wholly inoffensive, and almost insultingly innocuous’ above the visual aid, then it has failed. A fair […]

10/30 hip-hop

BROCKHAMPTON – the family / tm

Hip-hop boyband BROCKHAMPTON put themselves out of their contractual misery with a two-project dump.  ‘The Family’ is an uncomfortable tell-all from Kevin Abstract, with the rest of the group virtually nowhere to be seen. Intimate details about the demise of their friendships are spilled over chipmunk-soul beats of varying quality. Meanwhile, Kevin checks his watch, […]

23/30 experimental hip-hop

$ilkMoney – i don’t give a fuck about this rap shit, imma just drop until i don’t feel like it anymore

Like a King of the Dot championship rap battle, IDGAFATRSIJDUIDFLIA has a flurry of words, loaded references, and a meaty flow. $ilkMoney sounds rattled, but stays on top of his ailments and points of anger. It is a unique quality of abrasive, creatively sharp performers that they can claw us to their side with magnetism […]

26/30 folk hip-hop

quadeca – i didn’t mean to haunt you

Quadeca is a YouTube rapper who made his name through clickbaity disstracks at fellow streamers. That should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of this record, but “I Didn’t Mean to Haunt You” defies all expectations. The grandiose, genre-spanning concept-album is written from Quadeca’s own purgatory, where a lifetime’s worth of […]

23/30 hip-hop

westside gunn – 10

If you were worried that Westside Gunn’s winning formula was at risk of treading water in the final instalment of the ‘Hitler Wears Hermes’ series, you’d be wrong.  A puzzling album scattered with incredible performances, esoteric moments (the Montell Jordan sample springs to mind) and a superlative feature list, ‘10’ possesses all of Gunn’s best […]

21/30 hip-hop


HHSCFETWAS is, in a word, busy. Ashanti Mutinta has now charged three records with her tectonic energy—here, we are pulled through to the trilogy’s cataclysmic end. For all that this record is, it is hip-hop first. It’s a shame that this album provides its least inspiring elements in that genre. The beats don’t offer enough […]