23/30 classical folk singer-songwriter

ichiko aoba – ichiko aoba with 12 ensemble (live at milton court)

This latest project with a small orchestra underlines Aoba’s plunging emotions while slowing her fall into them.

26/30 classical drone experimental revisited review

alio die – aura seminalis (2008)

I’m able to remember back to simpler, more innocent times, when the tithing was strong, the jerkins were well-fitted, and an Ox only cost a small drawstring bag of silver coins. Alio Die remembers this bygone era well, and he made a beautiful album about it. Aura Seminalis is a compositional translation of Renaissance life—dramatic, […]

24/30 classical electronic

sarah davachi – two sisters

Two Sisters doesn’t march to the beat of a procession—Davachi conjures her own, singular atmosphere. Her nameless solemnity, drawn from centuries-old influences, gives rise to a kind of occult fear. The record manages to outlive fashion by incorporating such rich, untouched histories and arranging them below a spacious drone. The organs, for which the composer […]