23/30 jazz soul

wayne powell octet – plays hallucination

‘Plays Hallucination’ was recorded in 1965, shortly after its chief architect witnessed a vibraphone performance from Lionel Hampton. It features warm, spiritual soul-jazz with a penchant for tight grooves and bustling percussion. The listen as a whole is diffuse, but that shouldn’t reduce the eminent pleasure of the tracks. If there is a problem, it […]

25/30 jazz reissue rock soul

doris – did you give the world some love today, baby?’ (1970)

A second wave of restockings at London record stores and another reissue announcement have arrived, and with them comes a reminder that an original copy of ‘DYGTWSLT,B?’ will set you back £1,000. For soon-to-be-listeners, picture Ye and Madlib deconstructing each of their samples and bringing them together in a single sound: it will come close […]

23/30 soul

kendra morris – nine lives

It is difficult to know where to place a voice like that of Kendra Morris: the capability is so great and the range so broad. On her follow-up to 2012’s ‘Banshee,’ Morris croons and sways through ballads, drawing on her love of Burt Bacharach and an adoration for 70s soul. ‘Nine Lives’ is without creases—perfectly […]