27/30 folk funk reggae revisited review rock

lijadu sisters – danger (1976)

Watching the Lijadu Sisters in an interview is like observing two parts of the same brain popping off with thoughts: “If I’m in the kitchen singing a song, and I’m walking towards the bathroom, I hear her singing exactly the same thing”. The death of Kehinde Lijadu in 2019 signalled the  physical end of a […]

22/30 reggae

horace andy – midnight rocker

Reggae is plagued by and besotted with its history, held back by the belief that an optimum formula was found decades ago. It’s a tempting point, but one that reduces an entire genre to a single sound. On his first record for On-U Sound, Horace Andy battles the inevitable smoothness of the contemporary reggae sound […]

25/30 pop reggae revisited review

grace jones – warm leatherette (1980)

By 1979, disco had perished. It was then cremated, and the ashes to this day rest in an urn on some record exec’s mantelpiece, awaiting a visit to Rick Harrison’s pawn shop. ‘Warm Leatherette’ is a cover album of mainly rock songs and the foreword to Grace Jones’ 80s manifesto. The idea makes sense: her […]

30/30 reggae revisited review

sylford walker – lamb’s bread (1988)

‘Lamb’s Bread’ was recorded through the mid-to-late 70s, but had to wait ten years before being released due to promotion and cash flow issues. When the record arrived on the reggae market in 1988, it was received as a grainy snapshot of 70s roots—fossilised from a sombre, fundamentalist past. To the buyer, this was far […]