27/30 classic review folk metal

comus – first utterance (1971)

People are strange, so why is folk music ever anything but? Comus’ debut album crept from the roots of a mystical forest, where gothic festivities took place in the light of a burning fire. It is everything between creepy and fantastically beautiful—”I carry you to your grave, my arms your hearse” is one of the […]

25/30 metal rock

chat pile – god’s country

‘God’s Country’ is the voice you keep stowed away. You might hear it rattling around when passing by some sad scene, but we get on with our day, chin up, eyes ahead. For all its domineering metal veneer, this record is terrifyingly fragile. It’s quite apparent that Chat Pile are past a hug better. They […]

25/30 album of the week ambient experimental metal

boris – w

This is heavy metal where ‘heavy’ refers principally to matters of the mind. ‘W’ is an extraordinary ode to the most reflective of emotions, suspended by Boris’ atmosphere of rumination. It is simultaneously delicate, pounding, and dark, but even in ‘W’’s sombre corners, the instrumental tones are looking towards some far off light in wistful […]