23/30 indie/alternative industrial rock shoegaze

just mustard – heart under

The attraction of this record is obvious within its first few notes. Just Mustard’s sophomore record is an industrial, wailing statement—one that, despite occasionally losing its bite, offers testing, visceral material. There’s a depth to ‘Heart Under,’ as it purposefully traverses raw sensations with fierce musical intent. It’s a record to dive into, without knowing […]

27/30 ambient compilation electronic idm industrial revisited review

abfhart hinwil – links berge rechts seen (2002)

This 2002 compilation of Abfahrt Hinwil’s short-lived electronic existence is a sprawling, metallic opus of ambient dance music. As one Discogs reviewer types: ‘(S)trictly digital romance’. This record, put on wax for the first time in May of 2020, exhibits prismatic sonic bursts that are perhaps no more mysterious than the beating steel heart of […]

24/30 experimental industrial

yasuaki shimizu – kiren

We are now in the sixth decade of Yasuaki Shimizu’s career, which has involved work with artists from Towa Tei to Helen Merrill. Invariably, Shimizu brings a pace-conscious curiosity to musical proceedings—one which features diverse sonic expression, but which always seems to bounce off the same bizarre stage that this great artist sets. ‘Kiren’, the […]