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the human expression – love at psychedelic velocity (recorded 1966-67/released in 1994)

LA has its own unique psychedelic environment which can be seen today through the surreal lives of influencers and those scratching at the door of hot, empty fame. But in the mid-1960s, there was a genuine fascination for where the mental boundary was and how it could be snapped in two. The Human Expression never […]

27/30 garage rock psychedelic revisited review rock

various artists – the best of pebbles vol. 3, caveman stomp! (1992)

This is a best-of compilation of a compilation series—the third in its own series. Why am I choosing it to mention? Well, a neighbour gave it to me and it’s been on repeat for three days. The masterful Pebbles series collated the most transgressive, acid-soaked trips in psychedelic rock. Caveman Stomp! zooms in on their […]