20/30 EP r&b soul

blood orange – four songs EP

This EP contains four more songs of the expected output from Blood Orange. That would be a better title. While Four Songs is enjoyable, airy, easy to digest, I do have a complaint: it’s inarguable. There are so few edges, it resembles the hand sanitiser that fails to sink into your skin and leaves an […]

23/30 EP jazz latin

maria rita – desse jeito (EP) 

After her intimate 2003 debut, Maria Rita’s music has often been delivered with an unnerving level of precision that belies her carefree vocals. Desse Jeito returns to the same tidiness, but with as much personality as the singer has ever shown. There’s a slight fracture in Rita’s voice, singed with emotion, that paves a deeper […]

24/30 EP hip-hop pop soul

elsy wameyo – nilotic (EP)

Outside of her music, Elsy Wameyo is keen to proselytize on behalf of her God—“‘Nilotic’ is the byproduct of God’s grace in my life”. Lyrically, the Adelaide-based/Kenyan-born multi-talent ties personal journeys to bullish human structures, where power struggles and feelings of displacement seek to govern the individual. But for all the conflict, this debut EP […]

23/30 electronic EP idm

malakai – breathing room

Malakai’s first release since 2020’s ‘Axiome’ sees the producer in a strong rhythmic form. There is a purpose and direction to the intricate instrumental anatomy on display, as its creator rests classic elements of IDM on a hammock of heavy dub. ‘Breathing Room’ is meticulous and ambitious, but not extraordinary in its palette—the satisfaction comes […]

23/30 EP experimental hip-hop

junglepussy – jp5000

From behind the battle lines, Junglepussy conducts an irresistible collection of producers. Five producers, five songs, and, remarkably, 12 minutes of sumptuous cohesion. Unfaltering monotonal prophecies are confessions of an artist exploring uncharted terrain. Of course, the trademark sucker punches feature and, invariably, land. But it is the final blows on ‘MYSTICAL’ that best capture […]