25/30 art pop dance folk

feli colina – LXS INFERNALES

Colina expresses a smouldering heat, searching for what’s under the clothes and beneath the skin.

29/30 dance house revisited review

the avalanches – since i left you (2000)

‘Since I Left You’ is both epistemically opaque and emotionally intimate.

23/30 compilation dance synth

various artists – síntesis moderna: an alternative vision of argentinian music 1980-1990

As space for fringe behavior becomes surrounded, the importance of art tends to swell in dense, contained pockets. From the mid-1970s to 1983, Argentina was battling a right-wing dictatorship bent on widening the gap between rich and poor. This is a glitzy soundtrack not to freedom, but to resistance. It involves hypnotic grooves and deadpan […]

19/30 dance electronic

okhzarp – outside the ride (EP)

Long-time Hyperdub artist and Manthe Ribane collaborator, Okzharp, releases an EP of pummelling dance tunes. There’s a small degree of soul missing in the cuts: one that came through with the unpredictability of 2018’s Closer Apart. Outside the Ride is at its most eloquent in the industrial fabrics, where an expressive maximalism takes place. It’s […]

24/30 dance house r&b


The question upon each Beyonce release is: what will she do differently? 2016’s brilliant ‘Lemonade’ posited, with its varied feature list, that a ‘genre’ is simply where you choose to stand in the one-room party of music. The attitude of six years ago has run down to 2022 like a choppy river. ‘RENAISSANCE’ is expectedly […]

26/30 dance electronic footwork revisited review

dj rashad – double cup (2013)

The late DJ Rashad was a pioneer in the old-fashioned sense of the word. He treated tracks like shuffling explorations—tests even. The goal was always to induce dance, but the creative garnishes atop ‘Double Cup’ are what make it a classic of the footwork genre. Speaking through samples is an effective way to communicate: Rashad […]

25/30 album of the week bass dance electronic

two shell – icons (EP)

‘Icons’ has entertainment spewing from its pores. Each track is unchained, so that it trespasses over to the other senses: one can almost see the clubby spectacle and touch the metallic industrialism. Two Shell are wild enough to exercise their alien vision using human tools: the pads are wailed on and the elements of distortion […]

13/30 dance house

drake – honestly, nevermind

A pop artist exploring beyond their sound and weaving through expectation is a good set up. Just this year, an emboldened ROSALÍA gave us the brilliant ‘MOTAMAMI’. The trouble with ‘Honestly, Nevermind’, is that it is not experimental to anyone but Drake himself. The beats pass by like an artificial water park river, occasionally pumping […]