28/30 bossa classic review

nara leão – dez anos depois (1971)

Dez Anos Depois contains Brazilian standards, several of which are some of the most covered songs of all time. Leão doesn’t look towards something new—her music sits meditating in the present to better appreciate the light play, the beauty, and the love it offers. Even the more obscure songs are precisely as dazzling as Jobin’s […]

23/30 bossa folk funk jazz jazz fusion

miquela e lei chapacans – miquela e lei chapacans

Found between Southern France and the Pyranees, this starburst of folk-funk compiles the work of a delightful progressive girl group from the late 70s and 80s. After her beloved self-titled debut in 1978, lead singer Miquela continued to promote the baroque Occitan language in which she sung. Here, as a unified force, her troop of […]