9/30 ambient

fred again.. & brian eno – secret life

This is one of the emptiest statements either Fred again.. or Brian Eno will ever make. 

26/30 pop revisited review singer-songwriter

jens lekman – night falls over kortedala

A chic rom-com with the lyrical posture of Morrissey and the humour of Father John Misty.

24/30 indie/alternative pop rock

john andrews & the yawns – love for the underdog

‘Love For the Underdog’ is so cohesive and well-considered it almost has its own philosophy.

26/30 hip-hop punk revisited review rock

beastie boys – licensed to ill (1986)

‘Licensed To Ill’ is cringeworthy, abrasive, and grotesquely enjoyable.

23/30 country folk rock

william tyler & the impossible truth – secret stratosphere

Psychedelia is always at risk of either getting lost in the abstract or enclosing itself in a single mind.

20/30 electronic house pop

everything but the girl – fuse

EBTG’s themes of desperation and recovery peak in the more dynamic second-half.

29/30 folk revisited review singer-songwriter

dorival caymmi – canções praieiras (1959)

This is a pitch-perfect, diaphragm-clearing exhale of love.

29/30 country folk revisited review

the roches – the roches (1979)

The writing hits like an inner monologue down a small-town street: heel taps, lamp-swings, and finger clicks.

25/30 album of the week folk singer-songwriter

kara jackson – why does the earth give us people to love?

Jackson’s deep presence through the unevenly built tracklist mirrors the process of living through love and loss.