27/30 jazz fusion prog revisited review

return to forever – where have i known you before? (1974)

This is a true collective effort from a hive mind of virtuosos.

Return To Forever’s Where Have I Known You Before is a fantastic show of jazz fusion musicianship. The genre’s tendency to indulge in musical tangents may appear unapproachable, particularly when navigating the competitive and chaotic nature of improvisational music. ‘Song To The Pharaoh Kings’, the album’s closer, settles any apprehensions. This 14-minute, brooding behemoth is composed yet exhilarating, detailed and intricate, with each instrument provided autonomy to explore the very peaks and troughs of jazz fusion. This afforded freedom permeates the album. A true collective effort from a hive mind of virtuosos, all in support of the nascent genre.


A favourite: ‘Song To The Pharoah Kings’

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