20/30 electronic house pop

everything but the girl – fuse

EBTG’s themes of desperation and recovery peak in the more dynamic second-half.

I was four months old when the last EBTG record came out, which means that it has been almost 24 years since 1999’s ‘Temperamental.’ It’s hard to extract them from that period – tracks like ‘Flipside’ from 1996’s ‘Walking Wounded’ are so of the time that they’re enjoyed best through nostalgia. ‘Fuse’ is faithful to that sentimentality, feeding into soft-centred house more than trip-hop. This is a steady and tempered listen light in a disrupting core. Many will know the duo via Todd Terry’s remixes; in its streamlined convention, the first half occasionally resembles remixes made before originals. The conceptual desperation and recovery peaks in ‘Fuse”s later, more dynamic periods. 


A favourite: ‘No One Knows We’re Dancing’ 

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