23/30 jazz fusion r&b

eddie chacon – sundown

‘Sundown’ is a low-flying, night flight of a record.

‘Sundown’ is a low-flying, night flight of a record. If I say ‘Solid Air’-era John Martyn and present-day Thundercat on quaaludes, that might give some idea as to its tranquilised cool. The soft experimentation, heard through synth bursts and muffled house beats, is coated in balmy production from John Carroll Kirby. Even when a flute flails like a still-running hose chopped in two, the listening experience is contained. That may be limiting, but ‘Sundown’’s more ambitious notes don’t need to escape Kirby’s sonic hospitality in order to thrive. I found myself focussing on the percussion and vocals, which do all of thud and rise without colouring outside the lines.


A favourite: ‘Far Away’

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