21/30 art pop folk

gaye su akyol – anadolu ejderi 

On her maximalist fourth album, Gaye Su Akyol again makes expressive use of the burnt tremor in her voice, this time singing directly to Istanbul. Through its baroque psych-rock, the record blazes through its themes without deference to taste and/or accessibility. This is certainly Akyol’s most anti-pop album to date, as she takes the scenic route with Middle Eastern grooves and traditional Turkish instruments. While it is an abrasive and brooding listen, the dissonance of such dense instrumentation speaks powerfully to external, rather than internal chaos: Akyol’s voice pours from the tip of the spikes sounding fresh from fury. 


A favourite: ‘Biz Ne Zaman Düşman Olduk’

‘Anadolu Ejderi’ is out now via Glitterbeat Records.

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