10/30 hip-hop

BROCKHAMPTON – the family / tm

Hip-hop boyband BROCKHAMPTON put themselves out of their contractual misery with a two-project dump.  ‘The Family’ is an uncomfortable tell-all from Kevin Abstract, with the rest of the group virtually nowhere to be seen. Intimate details about the demise of their friendships are spilled over chipmunk-soul beats of varying quality. Meanwhile, Kevin checks his watch, repeating that “the label wanted 35 minutes of music”. ‘TM’ is simply a collage of tracks rightly rejected from previous projects and further dampened by the sad truths revealed on ‘The Family’. These records are neither for new listeners nor cult fans, and will forever be filed in the group’s history under ‘divorce papers.’


Favourite: ‘The Ending’

‘The Family’ and ‘TM’ are out now via Sony.

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