26/30 album of the week pop singer-songwriter

weyes blood – and in the darkness, hearts aglow

Weyes Blood began life as a DIY, acoustic venture, where Natalie Mering’s voice fluttered above a sound collage of tape recorders, saws, bells, and whistles. This is Natalie’s fifth album performing under the moniker. The opener could be on a spacier version of Bowie’s Station to Station: it’s not just that well-produced, it’s that sweeping. This album captures the mundane weight of life while wielding charisma and ornate instrumentation. It is an aural spectacle, if I may, but how can pain exist where this music does too? The postulation is that emotions run deep however numb we are, and, if we’re lucky, they stream into artistic clarity. 

A favourite: ‘It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody’ 


‘And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow’ is out now via Sub Pop. 

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