22/30 electronic experimental

doon kanda – galatea

I don’t know if Doon Kanda’s music sounds more like a crude, AI-generated amalgam of all the clubs in Berlin, or a rave for deep sea creatures. His artwork is certainly a grotesque mix of the two. *snaps fingers* You know what Doon’s art is like? It’s like if a 12th century sacrilegious nightmare was put into Aphex Twin’s ransacked studio. No, that’s still not it. For those that care to bear this album, there will be mechanical beauty and speculative texture combinations. As kinetic as 2018’s Luna, and more melodious than 2019’s Labyrinth, Galatea shows Kanda as stubborn, stylised, and full of wonder. 


A favourite: ‘Dream’ 

‘Galatea’ is out now via wwwomb.

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