7/30 funk hip-hop r&b

dreamcastmoe – sound is like water

Sound is like Water is so low-resolution it almost seems provocatively weak. It chuffs along at the level of a first draft that has rested in a downtempo dabbler’s private soundcloud account since 2015. There’s a presumption of humour in dreamcastmoe’s lackadaisical style, but it never once clicks. Imagine talking to someone who is constantly speaking in the intonation of a joke, but cannot land a set up let alone a punch line. Moe’s presence across the album is insubstantial and facetious. The moderately exciting final two tracks are late arrivals to a party where everyone has ingested bad pills and now lays in the corners hopelessly hollow. 


A favourite: ‘Make Ya Mind’ 

‘Sound is like Water’ is out now via Spectral Sound/Ghostly International. 

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