22/30 indie/alternative punk

personal trainer – big love blanket

Despite its loving title, ‘Big Love Blanket’ will be unlikeable to some: it’s a cocky, liberty-taking piece of indie-rock that covers a little too much ground. It’s also very enjoyable for those same reasons. Personal Trainer sail across the busy seas of post-punk and art pop, with Travis Morrison forming part of the cabin crew alongside Beck and Gorillaz. Not content with entering any landfill, the band embrace a genuine kookiness to construct their debut. It is well-conceived, written with originality, and impressively sharp in both the arrangements and production. The excesses and confusing flow are mostly fun and forgivable as part of an upbeat package. 


A favourite: ‘Former Puppy’ 

‘Big Love Blanket’ is out now via THE INDUSTRY. 

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