25/30 album of the week ambient idm techno

daniel avery – ultra truth

I wondered when I saw this title if Daniel Avery might attempt to transmit something superhuman, insinuating that he knows something unknowable. Ultra Truth is nothing like that. It’s a swirling, pounding album of immense proportions, but Avery holds a deep cordiality with the listener. The structure is neither forced nor feigned, developing lightly with melodic tinkers, or substantially with large techno thumps. Beyond its immediate exquisiteness, Ultra Truth delicately affixes the spiritual to the physical. That the ambience never flies off into excess because of the corporeal groundedness in the beats is perhaps part of the ultra truth here: the spirit is a worthy guide. 


A favourite: ‘Collapsing Sky’

‘Ultra Truth’ is out now via Mute Records. 

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