21/30 indie/alternative rock

drugdealer – hiding in plain sight

Drugdealer makes no secret of his musical influences, jokingly describing his brand as ‘Derivative Rock’. The multi-instrumentalist toes the line between tasteful pastiche and total plagiarism of 70s soft rock, but comes with enough charm to make ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ a joy. His third record brings a funkier edge to his psychedelic sound and is brimming with smooth harmonies and sunshine instrumentation. A deep cast of extras are on hand to make-up for any rough-edges of Drugdealer’s singing, culminating in the finale ‘Posse Cut’. Drugdealer may eventually exhaust the 1970s of all musical inspiration, but the sound lives on in ‘Hiding’.


A favourite: Madison

‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ is out now via Mexican Summer. 

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