23/30 ambient classical electronic experimental

mabe fratti – se ve desde aquí

It’s hard to escape the imperious darkness of this album. The opener could soundtrack dead souls squeezing past each other to order some mead in a purgatorial nightclub. Mabe Fratti, through carefully layered textures, creates an atmosphere of medieval tension that is constantly in touch with both chaos and reflection. The Guatemala-born, Mexico City-based cellist surrounds herself with stinging strings, frantic loops, and dazed percussion—each one wails with freedom, but is synchronised to the next in the rising glides and long trudges. While not a stupendously entertaining listen, Se Ve Desde Aquí is complete in its desire to inspire change through first confronting. 


A favourite: ‘Cada Músculo’

‘Se Ve Desde Aquí’ is out now via Unheard of Hope. 

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