27/30 garage rock psychedelic revisited review rock

various artists – the best of pebbles vol. 3, caveman stomp! (1992)

This is a best-of compilation of a compilation series—the third in its own series. Why am I choosing it to mention? Well, a neighbour gave it to me and it’s been on repeat for three days. The masterful Pebbles series collated the most transgressive, acid-soaked trips in psychedelic rock. Caveman Stomp! zooms in on their wild souls. Each band here sounds dishevelled, but they flirt with madness in a way that suggests exploration as well as degradation. It’s the sound of an underground scene finding a footing amidst the squalor of life and the haze of thought. A hypnotic spiral comes to mind when these lot play—up, down, around. 


A favourite: The Starfires – ‘I Never Loved Her’

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