18/30 rock singer-songwriter

a.a.williams – as the moon rests

This is certainly a release. A.A. Williams lashes out at, unveils, rallies through destructed love at shifting paces and with predictable reflections. Melodically, the tales evoke a dramatic, old-timey folk now forced upon monumentous backing. The expanse between much of Williams’ vocal work and the enormous rock is distracting. Her writing better orients around the instrumental burden, as it traverses narrow, unintrusive, Bond-theme narratives over the plain guitar crashes. Despite its jarring composition, Williams is certain of her sound and has produced a hearty account of longing. Still, while a gothic charm rises in the middle, it does not survive the simple sonic weight. 


A favourite: ‘Golden’ 

‘As The Moon Rests’ is out now via Bella Union. 

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