26/30 album of the week r&b soul

gabriels – angels and queens part I

Anohni and Billie Holiday seem, in a brilliant scientific experiment, to have been welded together and strategically placed inside Jacob Lusk. The charismatic, warm instrumentation from Ari Balouzian and Ryan Hope coats the extraordinary vocals like a weighted blanket. Rather than shifting errantly, the tracks glide between flight paths in motions so smooth they’d force Dean Martin to kick the floor with insecurity. There’s a Hitchcockian mystique to tracks like ‘To The Moon and Back’ that spotlights Gabriels’ traditional backbone. But their aesthetic affections are caressed rather than imposed—each pull from the past has been developed by a futuristic soul and fuelled by mighty artistic desire. 


A favourite: ‘Remember Me’

‘Angels and Queens Part 1’ is out now via Atlas/Parlophone. Part II is due out next March.

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