22/30 funk carioca

deize tigrona – foi eu que fiz

Coke. Guns. Booty. Beats. No, that’s not Michael Gove’s shopping list. It’s how Alex Bellos once distilled funk carioca. Deize Tigrona takes the last two , hurls them into direct lyrics, and lets them wobble above floor-shaking energy. Her drive is the most intensely arresting aspect of Foi Eu Que Fiz. Tigrona straps to her back a collection of beats that range from pummelling to ordinary as she traverses sexuality and brutality in one brief, colourful journey. This does not feel like twenty minutes: in spite of some standard club cuts, it has more force in its fingertips than many lengthy discographies.


A favourite: ‘Foi Eu Que Fiz’

‘Foi Eu Que Fiz’ is out now, self-released.

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