21/30 indie/alternative rock

the beths – expert in a dying field

The singles from The Beths’ latest record feature rousing riffs lightly glazed with an optimistic grunge (it exists, by the way). The ocean into which those singles were flowing, Expert in a Dying Field, shouldn’t necessarily be better, but greater. It’s that memorable critique of indie albums, that I feel hesitant to write: a lot of the tracks do sound very similar. Is This It? is the only known album that has not shifted gears and evaded the historical critique. The summery tone is touching—the swirls, vibrance, and performances are impressively full. But like a nice fairground ride on a drizzly day, I regret not enjoying this more.

A favourite: ‘Knees Deep’


‘Expert in a Dying Field’ is out now via Carpark Records.

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