25/30 album of the week electronic pop r&b

jockstrap – i love you jennifer b

Jockstrap had an EP out a couple years ago—the fantastic, but altogether unsettled Wicked City. While the duo’s experimentalism has since been ironed, edged, ILYJB nevertheless emerges with oddities of epic proportions. Moments of tender enlightenment burst through the jagged cracks: the tracklist is technically sharp in the vein of a classical song cycle, soft as folk, and all the while plugged into two electronically enterprising attitudes. The writing is superb, coaxing Georgia Ellery’s free-from-affectation vocal delivery and bestowing an integrity onto the theatrics of Jockstrap’s instrumental flair. Each jolt is an opportunity to know more about a twosome of extraordinary capability. 


A favourite: ‘Glasgow’

I Love You Jennifer B is out now via Rough Trade Records.

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